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GenSpring Family Offices Names New CEO

In a significant shakeup at GenSpring Family Offices—the wealth management division of SunTrust—both GenSpring’s CEO Maria Elena Lagomasino and CIO Jean L.P. Brunel have left the firm.  Some reports indicate that both left GenSpring to begin focusing on serving overseas clients as a global multifamily office. Whatever the reason, their tenure at GenSpring was not… Read more »

GenSpring faces lawsuit over hedge funds in $57 million portfolio in case filed by Vernon and Dovin legal team

Naples, Fla. —GenSpring Family Offices breached its fiduciary duty and committed gross negligence when it failed to adequately diversify the $57 million portfolio of an ultra high net worth individual and misrepresented that hedge funds it recommended would perform like bonds, according to an arbitration claim filed by the law firms of Vernon Litigation and Dovin Malkin… Read more »

Vernon Litigation can assist professional athletes swindled in financial fraud schemes

Professional althletes are especially vulnerable to investment fraud and scam artists. They often find themselves with new-found or increasing wealth. And there’s no shortage of people eager to tell them how to handle their finances. Even investment advisors who appear cloaked in legitimacy may take egregious advantage of athletes’ wealth and push investments that produce… Read more »

Financial reform: SEC needs to make sure fiduciary duty applies to all stockbrokers and financial advisors, not just registered investment advisors

For decades, financial institutions have purposefully blurred the distinction between stockbrokers and investment advisors to the point that most investors believe those designations mean the same thing. More than two thirds of the investors in the United States have the mistaken belief that stockbrokers hold themselves to the same fiduciary standards – including a commitment to always… Read more »